Undergraduate Project

Undergraduate Project will support talented university undergraduates through funding their research projects. The program is designed to foster UAE talents and encourage university-level students to partake in scientific research projects.

To qualify for the Undergraduate Project grant, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. The researcher must be a UAE national.
  2. The researcher must submit a research proposal as per the guidelines.
  3. The researcher must have a minimum Major GPA of 2.7.
  4. Only purpose-driven and applied scientific research proposals will be considered.
  5. The average funding for each research should be between 5-10k AED. In certain cases and given reasonable justification, the researcher can apply for additional funding of no more than 25K AED.


Sandooq Al Watan will offer three funding cycles during the year, one during the Fall semester, one during the Spring semester and one during the summer.

Research applications must be submitted through the researcher.ae platform before the submission deadline.

Applications must include:

  1. A research proposal form which will be filled out electronically through the website and will include project outcomes, a budget breakdown and project timeline.
  2. A letter of endorsement from the university.
  3. A letter of GPA confirmation from the Academic Dean.
  4. The researcher’s or group’s personal details [name, UAE ID, nationality, major, email, phone].
  1. Applications will only be reviewed if submitted by the submission deadline.
  2. A phone interview will be conducted with the applicants to confirm the project details.
  3. Sandooq Al Watan will confirm the academic institution’s endorsement and supervision of the research program.

Short-listed proposals will be reviewed by a panel of experts based on the following criteria:

  1. Applicant’s passion and commitment.
  2. Innovation [e.g. the project is unique and creative with no previous duplications].
  3. Approach [e.g. the objectives and tasks are well-reasoned, and the methodology is justified].
  4. Delivery and impact [e.g. the project outputs will advance both the applicant’s and the institution’s research visibility. The project has potential long-term benefits for local economy, industry and academic community].
  5. Time frame [e.g. the project timeline is appropriate for the scope of work].
  6. Resources and budget [e.g. the requested budget is appropriate given the scope of work and the budget has been justified].

    Round One

  • Submission
    Sunday 01, Jul 2018
  • Decision
    Thursday 19, Jul 2018
  • Implementation
    Monday 30, Jul 2018
  • Round Two

  • Submission
    Monday 01, Oct 2018
  • Decision
    Sunday 21, Oct 2018
  • Implementation
    Wednesday 31, Oct 2018
  • Spring- Round 3

  • Submission
    Sunday 17, Feb 2019
  • Decision
    Sunday 03, Mar 2019
  • Implementation
    Monday 11, Mar 2019

The researcher and any team members should comply with the following terms and conditions:

  1. The grant will be utilized by the student under the supervision of the investigator/supervisor.
  2. A final accounting will be determined by the Final Financial Report (FFR) to be provided by the university following the end of the grant.
    Unspent funds are to be returned to the funder.
  3. A No-Cost Extension (NCE) can be requested before the planned end of the grant.
    A justification must accompany the request. If the NCE is granted, it can only last for the maximum of one additional semester.
  4. The intellectual property rights within this grant are governed by the IP policy of the awarded institution.
  5. A program report is to be submitted to the funder at the end of the grant.
  6. The use of the grant will be in accordance with the awarded institution’s policies and procedures.
    All required internal permits must be secured prior to the start of any phase requiring such permits.
  7. Sandooq Al Watan can publicize the individuals, projects and project outcomes to promote and market the Fellowship program where Sandooq Al Watan sees fit.
  8. Sandooq Al Watan has the right to terminate the funding if any of the previous conditions are not met.

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